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EITC, the Earned Income Tax Credit, sometimes called EIC is a tax credit to help you keep more of what you earned. To qualify, you must meet certain requirements and file a tax return, even if you do not owe any tax or are not required to file.

EITC Assistant–Find out if you qualify for EITC

It’s easier than ever to find out if you qualify for EITC using our online tool, the EITC Assistant. It is available in both English and Spanish for the 2014 tax year (filed in 2015) and for 2013 and 2012. Use this year’s  EITC Assistant to find out your filing status, if you are eligible for EITC, if your child is a qualifying child and estimate the amount of your credit.

What Can We Help You Find?

Do I Qualify for EITC?

To qualify for EITC you must have earned income from employment, self-employment or another source and meet certain rules. You must either meet the rules for workers without a qualifying child or have a child that meets all the qualifying child rules for you.

How Do I Claim EITC?

You need to file a tax return to claim EITC. Find out how—documents you need, common errors to watch for, the consequences of filing an EITC return with an error, how to get help preparing your return and more.


It’s not too late to file your tax returns for  2011, 2012 and 2013 to claim  EITC if you were eligible. But you must file to claim it! Find out more.

EITC Income Limits, Maximum Credit Amounts and Tax Law Updates 

See the EITC Income Limits, Maximum Credit Amounts and Tax Law Updates for the current year, previous years and the upcoming tax year.

I Received a Letter from IRS about EITC, What Should I Do?

More EITC Resources

Special EITC Rules

Special EITC rules for members of the military, ministers, members of the clergy, those receiving disability benefits and those impacted by disasters.

Disability and EITC

Many persons with disabilities or persons having children with disabilities qualify for  EITC.

EITC Publications, Forms, Brochures and Other Resources

List of all EITC-related publications, forms and on line resources. These documents include a list of IRS multilingual, large print and Braille resources.

Most Common EITC Questions and Answers

Do you have questions about EITC? We have the answers.

EITC Definitions and Acronyms

Don’t Overlook State and Local Credits

If you qualify to claim EITC on your federal income tax return, you also may be eligible for a similar credit on your state or local income tax return. Twenty-two states, the District of Columbia, New York City, and Montgomery County, Maryland, offer their residents an earned income tax credit.

EITC and other Public Benefits

Refunds received from Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC or EIC), Child Tax Credit (CTC) or any other tax credit are not considered income for any federal or federally funded public benefit program. If you save your tax credit for more than 30 days, contact your state, tribal or local government benefit coordinator to find out if your benefits count as assets.

IRS Reports on the Earned Income Tax Credit

  • Compliance Estimates for the Earned Income Tax Credit Claimed on 2006-2008 Returns
  • Compliance Estimates for Earned Income Tax Credit Claimed on 1999 Returns (PDF)
  • EITC Statistics for Tax Years Beginning in 1997, the Number and Amount of Claims
  • Qualifying Child Residency Certification, Filing Status, and Automated Underreported Tests (PDF)
  • Qualifying Child Residency Certification, Filing Status, and Automated Underreported Tests – Addendum (PDF)
  • IRS Earned Income Tax Credit Initiative Report on Fiscal Year 2005 Tests
  • Earned Income Tax Credit Program Effectiveness and Program Management FY 2002 – FY 2003 dated August 8, 2003

Find Specific EITC Information for:

Tax Professionals

EITC Partners in Outreach



EITC Multilingual Page

Connects you to information in Chinese, Korean, Russian, Spanish and Vietnamese.


Para información en español sobre EITC, vea Información sobre los límites del Crédito por Ingreso del Trabajo

EITC Central

Hosts the Outreach Toolkit, the Refundable Credit Toolkit, the Tax Return Preparer Toolkit, Marketing Express and Information for the Press .The Refundable Credits toolkit covers education credits and the Child tax Credit.

Guides to Find Everything EITC Online

  • For You, Publication 4935
  • For Return Preparers,Publication 4933

Read more about EITC

Publication 596 in English (PDF) orPublication 596SP,Credito por Ingreso del Trabajo (PDF)

Child Related Tax Benefits

See our chart showing some of the basic eligibility requirementsfor tax benefits available to taxpayers with a qualifying child


See if you qualify for the Child Tax Credit and the Additional Child Tax Credit using the Interactive Tax Assistant


Don’t overlook the Education Credits–AOTC and LLC


Child and Dependent Care Creditinformation


See if you qualify for the Child and Dependent Care Credit using the Interactive Tax Assistant


Find out Who You can Claim as a Dependent using the Interactive Tax Assistant


See frequently asked questions about Dependents and Exemptions


Find out your filing status using the Interactive Tax Assistant

Helpful Sites

TAS Tax Toolkit 

Learn how TAS, the Taxpayer Advocate Service, can help you. This toolkit is available  24 hours a day, seven days a week and makes it easier for you to understand basic tax information. TAS is an independent organization within the IRS whose employees assist taxpayers experiencing economic hardship, seeking help in resolving tax problems not resolved through normal channels, or who believe an IRS system or procedure is not working as it should.

Low Income Taxpayer Clinics

Low Income Taxpayer Clinics, LITCs represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service. They also assist taxpayers in audits, appeals, collection disputes and can help taxpayers respond to IRS notices and help correct account problems.